What Is Relish Rhody?

RELISH RHODY is the RIFPC's Food Day Celebration.

FD_Logo_stacked_nd.jpgFood Day (October 24) is a nationwide movement for healthy, affordable and sustainable food. 

Relish Rhody is a statewide photo campaign to celebrate Rhode Island food and the people who grow, raise, harvest, deliver, sell, purchase, prepare, serve, donate & eat food in our Ocean State.

Everyone is invited to participate in the Relish Rhody photo campaign during the month of October. 


Thanks to everyone who participated in Relish Rhody 2014.
View 2014 photos as a pdf slideshow.

2014 Op-Ed piece from RIFPC Chair Ken Payne



Thanks to everyone who participated in Relish Rhody 2013.

View 2013 photos as a pdf slideshow.




Relish Rhody can be incorporated into existing Food Day plans or a Relish Rhody photo can become your Food Day celebration.

How to Participate

  • Individuals, groups or organizations choose to grow, raise, purchase, harvest, donate, prepare, deliver, sample or eat a RI food - this is A RI FOOD DAY ACTION.
  • Participants fill out registration form & receive the logo card featuring Relish Rhody logo.  When you register for Relish Rhody, your event will also be registered to the national Food Day website as part of the national October 24 celebration.
  • Participants take photos of their RI FOOD ACTION, with the Relish Rhody logo card prominently displayed in the photos. 
  • Participants upload/send/email photos to the RI Food Policy Council.
  • Relish Rhody photos will be compiled & used to document and celebrate Food Day - photos will appear on all RIFPC online spaces and many will be submitted to local media as well as the national Food Day organizers.

It's EASY!  It's FUN!  It celebrates and supports our Rhody food economy. 

Fill out registration form below & Relish Rhody!